• Great app! ★★★★★
    Great app!
    By Danuta90 for Version 2.0.4
  • First time ★★★★★
    By Meccabingo... DonnaJm for Version 2.0.4
  • Definitely recommend! ★★★★★
    Straight forward and easy to use.
    By GGCD120 for Version 2.0.4
  • Superb ★★★★★
    Fantastic app. I passed my theory on my second attempt today.
    By WeldonBCFC for Version 2.0.4
    Passed first time today! Felt really confident thanks to a month with this app and even managed to achieve 100% on the multiple choice questions! All the questions were exactly the same as the ones on this app except for about 2 or 3 which I hadn't come across before. Progress trackers and games were features that were exceptionally helpful. In general, the design of this app is super easy to use, everything is super clear. You get the highway code, theory test, hazard perception and road signs game and quiz all in one, which is brilliant value for money compared to all the separate paid apps/ bundles. Hazard perception mock tests were great too; froze on occasion but very rare as one would expect with any app- can't always be perfect! Make sure you get the most out of this app to pass- complete every single question until you've answered them all correctly and you'll be guaranteed to pass without a problem! Thank you for making such a brilliant app!
    By GirlUDontNotice for Version 2.0.4
  • FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!! ★★★★★
    I just passed my theory test!!!!
    By Juligir for Version 2.0.4
  • Brilliant for practising! ★★★★★
    Easy to use and helps practise all parts of theory test! Well worth the money!!
    By Chan276543 for Version 2.0.4
  • Brilliant. ★★★★★
    Very helpful app. I feel much more confident in my abilities to pass the theory test after only a few days of using this.
    By C0urtny for Version 2.0.4
  • Very helpful ★★★★★
    I never review things, but had to on this app as it really did help me pass my theory. Well worth its money
    By azlad666 for Version 2.0.4
  • Fantastic ★★★★★
    This is a great app for those wanting to pass their theory test quickly. All the features are incredibly useful but I recommend going through all the questions on the theory test (I think there's 777 in total) and continuously practising them through mock tests. It seems like a lot of questions at first but it's quite easy to get through all of them quickly. Doing this over the period of a week helped me secure 49/50 on the multiple choice test. The Hazard perception is incredibly handy too, there are loads of videos to choose from and the app makes it easy to understand how it works. I wasn't very good at hazard perception but the app still helped me immensely. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone and good luck in your theory test!
    By Hannahshony for Version 2.0.4
  • A must have ★★★★★
    I have been using this and the disc version for PC to practice. It's great, easy to use and really effective. When practicing, you can pull up explanations and this really helps your understanding. You are not just remembering answers you are truly learning. There is a road signs game which is fun to play, especially with "qualified" drivers! 😄 brilliant little app
    By Sneable89 for Version 2.0.4
  • Brill! Just past using only this app ★★★★★
    Great range of questions and hazard videos. Some questions were exactly the same in the exam ( same photo and everything) which makes things very straight forward. Never crashed and layout nice and clear. Very happy to recommend.
    By Alex's Dog Walks for Version 2.0.4
  • passed first time ★★★★★
    amazing app 100% worth the money just passed first time all thanks to this!
    By Eleanor Fenton for Version 2.0.4
  • Amazing! ★★★★★
    Highly recommend this app, it helped me to pass first time! Definitely worth the money! 😀
    By laurenthellamaaaa for Version 2.0.4
  • Worth the pro version!! ★★★★★
    Got the free version! Loved it and bought the pro version. Has everything you possibly need packed into one app. Revised this app every day for 1 hr for a week, and when I took the test, a lot of the questions on it where exactly like the apps questions. Scored 49/50 in the end.
    By MattYIz for Version 2.0.4


Official DVSA Content

Contains the most up-to-date official Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanations from the DVSA – the people who set the tests.

Mock Tests

Sit unlimited mock tests with interactive case study questions, structured just like the official test.


See where you went wrong and how to improve for next time.


Contains ALL the OFFICIAL DVSA explanations to help you learn and understand the correct answer.

Progress Monitor

Keep a track of your progress so you know which categories need a bit more revision.

New Braking Distance Simulator

Perfect for helping you learn and visualise the overall braking distances at varying speeds and road conditions.

75+ Interactive Hazard Perception Clips

Covering a wide variety of environments and road conditions including main roads, town centres, residential streets, country roads and dual carriageways.

Official DVSA CGI Videos

10 hazard perception video clips from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) - the people who set the test.

Cheat Detector

Built in cheat detection system that accurately replicates the OFFICIAL DVSA hazard perception test.

Detailed Information

Includes detailed information on all the Highway Code signs and markings

Thousands of Road Signs

Over 1,500 images and photographs of road signs in their actual environment to help with learning

Quick Fire Quiz

Test your knowledge of road signs and the highway code in the Quick Fire Quiz

Telegraph Best Buy Award 5/5
Auto Express Magazine, best Theory Test App Winner